Nicoletta Tomas Caravia

Painting has been growing in me and I in it, we go hand in hand because it is an intimate language between me and my soul. I learn with it. I inhabit the realm of form to let deep feelings speak, mirrors of my world to the world, from outside to inside and from inside to outside. The battlefield always within me, and the imagination as my companion.
My pictorial motifs, the light of the human being, his fragility and his greatness. Snippets of the path that one travels with oneself, with the Animal kingdom and Nature, in search of the answers to the great questions of the human being.
I am not so much interested in a work for how it is executed, but for its capacity to nourish the viewer, to speak directly to people's hearts.

Latest Exhibitions

2023 (October) Solo exhibition in Torre de Guzman Gallery, Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz.
2023 (August) Permanent work in X-Power Gallery in Shanghai, China.
2023 (July-August) Group exhibition in Get Art Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.
2023 (July-August) Solo exhibition at Sala María Sorolla in Moncofa, Castellón.
2023 (August) Group exhibition at X-Power in Taipei, Taiwan.
2023 (April-May) Art Revolution Taipei Art Fair, Taiwan.
2022 (December) Group exhibition at Haven Gallery (Little big show) New York.
2022 (November) Group exhibition at X-Power Gallery Taipei, Taiwan.
2022 (October) Group exhibition GP Deva in Shanghai, China.
2022 (August) Art Revolution Taipei Art Fair, Taiwan.
2022 (May-June) Group exhibition Art bird La casa del cable Xabia
2022 (April) Previews of Art Revolution Taipei
2021 (December - 2022 January) 2 Little Big VI, Group Show, Haven Gallery, Northport, New York.
2021 (December) group show Galería Maika Sanchez Valencia Spain
2021 (September) GP Deva Flagship Store, Taiwan work in permanece.
2021 (July-August) group show "the golden age of illustration"
Haven Gallery, Northport, New York
2021 (June - July) group show "Wilde", Haven Gallery, Northport, New York
2021 (April) X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, Collective Show.
2021 (April) Songshan Cultural and Recreational Park, Preview Art Revolution Taipei
2020 (November) Casa del Cable, Xabia, Alicante
2020 (October) Abartium Gallery, Calldetenes, Catalonia
2020 (July) Casa de Cultura de San Lorenzo del Escorial
2019 (September) Abartium Gallery, Calldetenes, Catalonia
2019 (May) Poster 34th Cadiz Book Fair Spain
2019 (March -August) Exhibition Mercado central de Cadiz Spain
2018 (December) to January 2019 Collective exhibition Galería Maika Sanchez Valencia Spain
2018 (June) Castillo de Santa Catalina Cádiz Spain
2018 (April) Amt für Internationale Beziehungen Nuremberg Germany

2017 (December) Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia Spain
2017 (January) Gallery LaTira prints exhibition Xativa Valencia
2015 (October) "De todo corazón" Ballettcentrum, Dortmund, Germany
2014 (May) Exposicion Esperanza, Ballettcentrum, Dortmund, Germany
2014 Work in permanence in gallery Luis Peinbert, Acapulco Mexico
2011 (May) Galeria La Tira Xativa Valencia
2011 (February) Espai d'art Miquela Nicolau Felanitx Mallorca
2010 (November) museum Reales Atarazanas de Valencia, artistic movement " La Escalera (collective)
2009 (December) Gallery Maika Sanchez
2009 (April) Collective Gallery Maika Sanchez
2008 (September) 69th International Exhibition of plastic arts
2008 (June) Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia
2008 (May) Gallery Arte actual Tomelloso Ciudad Real (collective)
2007 (October) Galería Barca solar Madrid
2007 (April) Galería Maika Sanchez Valencia
2006 (June) Galería Toranto Barcelona (collective)
2006 (June) Galería Sanchez y Juan Elche (collective)
2005 (February) Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN
2004 (June) Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN (collective exhibition)
2003 (December) Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN
2003 (December) Galeria La Palla Sant Andreu de la Barca Barcelona SPAIN
2003 (June) Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN (collective exhibition)
2002 (June) Galerie Thuillier Paris FRANCE
2002 Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN
2001 Galeria Maika Sanchez Valencia SPAIN
2001 Jönkóping SWEDEN
2001 Libray of the Goverment of Upper AUSTRIA Linz
2001 Karmelklooster Drachten HOLLAND
2001 World Fine Art Gallery New York USA
2000 Grillparzerhof Linz AUSTRIA
2000 Artesanos Art Gallery Florida USA
2000 Rapsodia Milan ITALY

International Art Fairs

2009 (November) Lineart Belgica
2007 (November) ArteJaen
2007 (November) Puro Arte Vigo
2007 (March) Arcale Valladolid
2007 (January) Feria de arte de Sevilla
January 2006 Feria de Arte Sevilla SPAIN
April 2004 ARCALE Salamanca SPAIN
October 2003 INTERARTE Valencia SPAIN
April 2003 ARCALE Salamanca SPAIN
April 2002 ARCALE Salamanca SPAIN
December 2001 DEARTE Madrid SPAIN
October2001 INTERARTE Valencia
SPAIN April 2001 ARCALE Salamanca SPAIN
October 2000 INTERARTE Valencia SPAIN
July 2000 MAC Marbella Malaga SPAIN



Album cover "Semilla Negra" Valencia 2015
Illustrated album "Semillas" from the story by Susana Ramirez. Legua editorial 2012
Illustrated album "Amantes" Universal poetry. Legua editorial 2012
Book cover "La muerte lúcida" by Paloma Cabadas 2012
Illustrated album "Mariluna" from the story by Ana Tortosa. Editorial Republica Kukudrulu 2011
Cover of the book "El anillo de Uriel" by Tito del Muro, Legua editorial. Nov.2010
Book cover "El poder de la tierra" by Paloma Cabadas 2010
Book cover "Los amantes tristes" by Eugenia Rico Ediciones Baladí January 2010
Book cover "Learning from the heart" by Daniel Gottlieb. Editorial Munhakdongne Publishing Corp Korea June 2009

Cover of the book "La secreta silaba del beso" by María Cristina Ramos Editorial Ruedamares Neuquén Patagonia Argentina June 2009
Cover and inside report for the art magazine O Ollo Publico December 2007 to March 2008
Cover of the ophthalmological magazine Journal of Refractive Surgery November 2007
Illustrations for the magazine VOGUE- KOREA April 2005 KOREA April 2005
Cover of the book I'm Speaking by Rafael Guillen
Cover of the album "Músicas del Carmen" Valencia 2000
Design and production of the music CD "Cara de pocker" by Julio Galcerá, produced by the ONCE foundation
My work can be found in private collections, both national and international in Spain, France, Austria, Hong Kong and Germany.

Here I have the pleasure of sharing the interview that Atticus magazine did with me in 2019. Thanks to Carlos Ibañez and Pilar Cañibano for your kindness and good work.

Magazine interview Atticus.

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